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5 Medicine Ball Exercises For Couples

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January 19th, 2012

While many people train solely with weights, there are so many other pieces of equipment that have been proven to be beneficial. Depending on your fitness goal or sport you play, you might be training for explosive strength, agility, aesthetics, or a combination of the three. One way to get your body working hard is to try training with a medicine ball. If you have never used one before, it is the heavy basketball thing that people throw when doing sit-ups.

Surprisingly there are records of medicine balls being used for exercise about 3000 years ago. Even in ancient Greece, it has been said that the physician, Hippocrates actually had these balls made and filled with sand for his patients to use for rehabilitation. Sounds crazy that they had this idea so long ago and we still use them today. Well now that they are available at just about every gym or fitness facility; medicine balls should become part of your workout regimen.

You can get a total body workout with just medicine balls and they are actually pretty fun to use. You can bounce them, slam them, throw them, etc. and not worry about them breaking. What better way to spend time with your significant other than to work-out together. Studies support the claim that working out with a partner helps you to be motivated and it allows for you to challenge each other. Here are five medicine ball exercises you can do to help “strengthen your love and build a healthy” relationship.

Pushup Throws: This one is pretty fun. To do these both of you will be kneeling facing each other about 5 feet apart. One person will pass the ball to the opposite person and immediately drop down and do a kneeling pushup and explode back up to the starting position. At this time, the other person will throw the ball back and do their pushup. Repeat until failure.

*This works the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles.

Sit-up Passes:

You and your partner get on the ground in a sit-up position facing each other with your knees slightly bent and your feet touching. One person will perform a sit-up while tossing the ball to the partner. As the partner catches the ball, they will do a sit-up. So you will basically do a sit-up when tossing the ball and another while your partner has the ball. Repeat this until you reach failure.


Using a decline bench, one of you will be in the sit up position holding the medicine ball while your partner will stand about 3 feet away facing you. As you tighten your abs and perform a sit-up you will throw the ball up to your partner. From the top position, your partner will pass the ball back to you as you’re lowering back down. Repeat for 15-20 reps and then switch.

*This builds smaller muscles in the abdomen and is great for core training. Also, having a strong midsection helps to prevent back pain.

Toso Twists:

You and your partner will sit facing away from each other with your shoulder blades touching and knees slightly bent. With the medicine ball, you will tighten your abs and twist only your torso to bring the ball to your partner, who will be twisting towards the direction of the ball. Do this as fast as you can while keeping control of the ball and the contraction of your abs. Do this for 1 minute then take a 1 minute break and  repeat 5 more times.

*This works the oblique’s and core muscles.

Jump Squat Pass: While facing each other about 6 feet apart with your legs shoulder width apart, you will hold the ball in front of your chest and jump in the air. As you land, throw it to your partner and do a squat and return to the starting position. When your partner catches it they will jump, squat, pass and repeat this for 15 reps. Take a 1 minute break and do 4 more sets.

*This actually works the lower body, core muscles, shoulders, and triceps.

Power Slams: You and your partner will both take turns slamming the ball into the ground. You will have the ball overhead and squat down while slamming the ball hard into the ground. Do 10 reps then pass it to your partner who will do 10 reps. Your break is the time that your partner is doing their slams.

*This works the arms, legs, back, and core.

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