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Top 3 Women Weight Lifting Myths

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April 2nd, 2012

Weight training has many health, strength, and aesthetic  benefits but for some reason this type of activity is considered taboo for women. Men have been using this to their benefit for many years now, but their female counterparts think that its only to build huge muscles.Many women just don"t believe that weight lifting will actually help sculpt and tone their bodies and give them a nice athletic look without growing big, bulky muscles. If this idea is still in your head, by the end of this articles I want you to reconsider. We will bust some of the myths so that nothing stops you from weight training.

3.One myth is that many women think that they will lose their flexibility if they weight train. This is definitely not true because the very act of stretching and contracting your muscles through various ranges of motions will actually increase flexibility. Being more flexible will also help prevent common injuries.

2.Another myth is that women think weight training is hard and boring. This isn"t true because you can always work different body parts, listen to music, try hundreds of exercises, and workout with a friend. This will keep you from focusing on the time that you"re in the gym. I"m certain that you will find it pretty fun when you actually just go and do it!


1.Finally, the number one is casino online that lifting weights will make you look manly! Most women say this at least once in their quest to not lift weights  but sadly it holds no truth. There"s a big reason why men look the way they do and women will never get like that. Unless you take steroids your testosterone levels will never come close to a man"s. This means you will never get the type of muscles that they have. Weight lifting helps to reduce body fat and burn calories more efficiently. You will actually get more toned and firm!

I helped explain some of the common misconceptions that women have when it comes to weight training. Seriously don"t let anything keep you from lifting weights. Doing only cardio will definitely not make your body look much greater. You will start to see your body changing slowly over time and will start seeing more curves where they didn"t exist. Now go pump some iron to build the body you deserve and remember, Strong is the new Sexy!

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